Miley Cyrus 'numb' to smooching scenes

Miley Cyrus has become “numb” to kissing scenes.
The 20-year-old rose to fame as the star of children’s TV show Hannah Montana and has enjoyed a successful acting career since.
Miley is engaged to The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth and says dating someone in the industry makes intimate scenes easier.
“I think it makes it better because they know there really is nothing attached,” she explained to the British edition of OK! magazine.
“People have a hard time thinking about it as not being romantic, but it’s really not. Someone comes in and powders you or him and it’s not attractive even though you’re all made up but when you kiss and someone yells: ‘Hold it longer. Use tongue! Tongue her!’…It’s weird and embarrassing. You’re kind of numb to it and it doesn’t bother you anymore.”
Miley’s next acting stint is a lead role in So Undercover, which also stars her good friend Kelly Osbourne.
The star believes they get on so well because they both appreciate the importance of the truth.
“I like it when people are honest. Like, if I look bad, I want you to tell me if I look bad,” she revealed.
“I’ve always been that person. I really like honest people and I think that’s why me and Kelly get along so well, and I think a lot of people are put out by it. They can’t believe that she really has no filter, but I don’t really either.”
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Sunday, 02. December 2012