Ben Affleck ‘Mr. Mom’

Ben Affleck will be cooking for his family on the Thanksgiving holiday.The actor and his wife actress Jennifer Garner share three children together – Violet, six, Seraphina, three, and eight-month-old Samuel.While Jennifer will be busy with work obligations over America’s national holiday, Ben will be at home with the brood.“My wife is going to be doing a movie and I will be Mr. Mom, making a turkey, that kind of thing,” he told ET Online.“The baster, the apron. The whole deal.”Ben loves to get festive with his kin during the holiday season.In fact, his love of Thanksgiving and Christmas embarrassed him in a room full of movie buffs when he accidentally played a recording of himself dressed as Santa.The actor portrays a businessman called Ivan who has an offshore gambling operation in Runner, Runner. The film is due out next year but Ben was keen to show it off to movie executives early, so arranged for a special screening at his home.As he pressed play scenes of Ben, his wife Jennifer and their children flashed up on screen – much to the guests’ amusement.“Ben was in a Santa suit singing Christmas carols to Jen, kids and friends at an Affleck Yuletide party,” National Enquirer reported this month.© Cover Media
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Thursday, 22. November 2012