Chris Pine: I’m a TV binger

Chris Pine confesses that he is a bit of a television fanatic.The Star Trek actor is constantly on sets filming new movies.When he has downtime, watching TV is one of his favourite pastimes.“I missed the season finale of Breaking Bad, so I’m looking forward to finishing that,” he told People magazine. “I’m also trying to get into Mad Men, and everybody’s been telling me about Homeland, so I figure that’s my next venture. Because of work it’s difficult to keep up, so I usually end up going on a Netflix or iTunes binge.”Chris considers himself to be a good Samaritan.But the star admits that giving directions is not his forte. “In New York City I helped someone with directions, which was kind of ironic, because I don’t live there,” he recalled. “I had a general idea of what I was talking about—I think I sold it! Hope they found their way.”Chris’ new animated film Rise of the Guardians is currently in US theatres.© Cover Media
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Saturday, 24. November 2012