Will Arnett: Loquaciousness blows

Will Arnett is fond of people who are good listeners.
The comedian and estranged husband of Amy Poehler is currently participating in AT&T’s WorkforWill.com campaign.
As part of the operation, a lucky applicant who applies online will work for Will as his assistant for one day.
The funnyman hopes his chosen employee will not be garrulous.
“Turn off is somebody who talks too much. I like somebody who listens,” Will told USA Today.
Will would never consider hiring anyone from a contest.
The approach is much too impersonal for him.
“Absolutely not [for me],” he replied in response to a question on whether this recruitment method appealed to him.
Will can’t imagine being someone’s assistant.
His former jobs were a little more blue-collar.
“I have never been an assistant and the most challenging job I have ever had was busting pipes with a sledge hammer,” he said.
Will and Amy wed in August 2003 and have recently decided to call their relationship quits.
The former couple are parents to sons Archie, three, and Abel, two.
This was Amy’s first marriage. Will was previously wed to actress Penelope Ann Miller, but they divorced after one year of marriage in 1995.
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Sunday, 25. November 2012