Premiering: WakeBrothers

Sibling rivalry usually diminishes over time. But in the case of Phil and Bob Soven... it's just heating up!

23-year-old Phil Soven is at the top of his game as the number one prowake boarder in the world. While Phil is a stoic, stone-cold wakeboarder, and a one-man wolf pack, Bob is the polar opposite.

The brothers live in Phil’s million-dollar dream home on a private lake. Their custom, rock-star-ready bachelor pad is the perfect party spot for their group of friends. Anything goes at Phil’s palace; the only problem is, their parents still check in on a regular basis… so you never know what they’re going to find.

Get ready to explore the fierce sibling rivalry between Phil and Bob Soven. They are roommates, competitors and rivals. But that’s about all they have in common…

WakeBrothers premieres on Sunday at 20:30 on MTV.

Monday, 19. November 2012