Girls Aloud still get nervous

Girls Aloud still find releasing new music ‘’nerve-wracking’’.

The quintet – comprising Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts – release a new single ‘Something New’ next week and despite their 10-year career, they still feel wary of how their fans will respond to the record.

Kimberley told ‘BBC Breakfast’: ’’It feels good to have music out there again.

’’It’s nerve-wracking, because you’re always worrying about how it’s gonna be perceived and if people are gonna like it.

’’We’re excited about other songs we’ve got as well. We have to wait patiently for people to hear those. We know what we’ve got but we just hope other people like it as well.’’

The group will mark their anniversary with a spectacular tour next year and have vowed to make it ’’bigger’’ than their previous shows, though they are placing no expectations on themselves.

Cheryl said: ‘’We quite like the challenge, we know we’ve got to make it bigger.

’’We’ve always gone in there full force. There doesn’t feel like there’s any expectations. It just feels like it’s gonna be fun.’’

Nadine added: ‘’There are so many ideas creatively. When we start putting them together as a group, there’s so many possibilities.’’

The ‘Biology’ hitmakers also dismissed claims they will split after the tour, insisting nothing has been decided.

Nadine said: ‘’People have been saying that since 2002, we were all [supposedly] splitting up and doing our own things.’’

Kimberley added: ‘’We just go with the flow at the moment, and that’s as far as we’ve planned it.’’

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Monday, 12. November 2012