Robbie Williams' Jessie J dig

Robbie Williams doesn’t think Jessie J will have a long career.

Although the ‘Candy’ singer is a huge fan of the ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker, he says she won’t be popular for much longer and has only got another 18 months left in the music industry.

He told a Dutch TV show: ’’She’s not gonna last for very long, though, is she? She’s great, Jessie. I give her 18 months.’’

As well as being a singer, Jessie is a judge on TV talent show ‘The Voice’ but Robbie says he isn’t a fan of programmes like that because he thinks there are too many sob stories on them.

Robbie – whose Take That bandmate Gary Barlow is a judge on ‘The X Factor’ – said: ‘’I don’t watch it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to go on the ‘emotional journey with the contestants.’ I’m exhausted with how many times I’m to go on the emotional journey with this person who had a hard luck story and then da, da, da, da, blah, blah.

’’I’m sure I’d be a good judge. But no, I’ve got a career. So… ’’

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Monday, 12. November 2012