Aerosmith's smelly recording sessions

Aerosmith locked themselves in a room until they ’’couldn’t stand the smell’’ of each other making ‘Music from Another Dimension!’.

The ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ group have just released their first original album since 2001’s ‘Just Push Play’, and singer Steven Tyler described how determined they were to push themselves in the studio.

Speaking to Dermot O’Leary’s on BBC Radio 2, he said: ‘’Our mentality was stay in a room, and write a song until we couldn’t stand each other’s smell. You just lock yourself in and say, ’We’re going to go for it’.’’

The 64-year-old former ‘American Idol’ judge also hinted this could be their last ever album.

He added: ‘’We called up [producer] Jack [Douglas] and said, ’Let’s do it one last time. Let’s do it the right way this time’. It was magic.’’

Bandmate Joe Perry, 62, added the ‘Cryin’ rockers were bursting with ideas for songs after such a long absence, and didn’t stop when they record label told them to.

He said: ‘’At one point we were going, ’Well, remember the days we used to put eight songs on our record?’ Eight great songs, then it was 10 songs, [then we were told] we can’t put any more than 12 because the record label only pay us for 12.’’

‘’We felt like, ’look, fans have waited so long and we’re going to go on a world tour, so who knows when we’ll be back in the studio again? We might as well throw it all out there.‘’’

‘Music from Another Dimension!’ is out now.

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Tuesday, 06. November 2012