Rolling Stone wants Glastonbury show

Ronnie Wood wants The Rolling Stones to play Glastonbury.

The group – who will play four anniversary shows in London and New Jersey, US, in November and December to mark their 50th anniversary – have been touted as headliners for the world-famous music event, and though the guitarist says they haven’t yet been approached, he is keen to take the slot.

He said: ’’There’s been no mention of Glastonbury within the band but I’m going to bring it up.

’’They’ll probably go, ‘Get out of here Woody, shut up, no.’ But I don’t care, I always take risks like that so I’ll put it forward.

‘’I have great respect for Glastonbury because it is an institution, that frolic in the mud… the ghost of Woodstock, I regard it as.’’

Ronnie also admitted he is keen for the band to play a world tour, though he admits he is unsure if the group are up to such a gruelling schedule.

He told NME magazine: ‘’I don’t know if we really want to schlep around the world because it’s very wearing on you, but the music and the audiences are such a reward, the adrenaline is something you can’t fight.

‘’So hopefully, I’ll go for it. I’ll go for the duration.’’

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Wednesday, 31. October 2012