The Rolling Stones feel young

The Rolling Stones feel younger than their years.

The rock ‘n’ roll icons are preparing for four shows to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band, but are surprised the milestone has come around so quickly.

Ronnie Wood, 65, said: ’’We’re blessed with still being able to cut it. Sir Mick [Jagger, 69] is as agile as ever – he’s like a 25-year-old. I have to settle for being a 45-year-old. Keith [Richards, 69] said, ‘How can it be our 50th anniversary? I’m only 38.‘’’

As the ‘Brown Sugar’ band prepare for their shows in London and New York, Mick is keen to avoid being too nostalgic.

He explained: ‘’If you have a 50th anniversary of any kind, It’s going to be somewhat looking back. It can’t, by definition, avoid it.

‘’But I tried – and I think the rest of the band think the same way – to make sure it’s not become an exercise in too much nostalgia, that there’s some forward-looking part of it, I think it’s good to celebrate it. Then it’s done.’’

Ronnie – who completes the band band with Mick, Keith and drummer Charlie Watts – is also hopeful they will tour beyond the planned shows.

He said: ’’We’ve got no excuse of whether people are going to come, we know that, and we know that we’re going to give our best. Can we keep up with the pace if we do go on tour? Yes.’’

Mick also hinted at a brand new album, to follow the two new tracks, ‘Doom and Gloom’ and ‘One More Shot’, taken from their recent compilation ‘GRRR!’

He said: ‘’You know, I wouldn’t say that’s impossible. At the moment, the band are just focusing on these two tracks and these gigs, to the end of the year.

‘’But once this thing starts moving, baby, it’s almost unstoppable. Right now, I’m just happy to have the thing rolling.’’

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Tuesday, 30. October 2012