Taylor Swift has more music with Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift has more collaborations with Ed Sheeran to release.

The ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ hitmaker joined musical forces with the ‘Lego House’ singer-songwriter for ‘Everything Has Changed’ on her new album ‘Red’, but they worked so well together they have plenty more songs ready to record.

She explained: ‘’We had both reached out to each other’s camps at the same time. I showed up at his hotel in Arizona and we just wrote songs all day.

’’Then he came and hung out at my house in Los Angeles and we spent all night sitting on the kitchen floor laughing, writing songs and harmonising.

‘’We have made other songs and we will put them out at different times.’’

Having won six Grammy Awards and making more than $5 million last year alone it’s no surprise that Taylor is one of the most successful singer-songwriters in the world at just 22-years-old.

Taylor, 22, is now one of the biggest pop singers in the world but hasn’t always enjoyed a glamorous touring life, and started out going across the US in a van.

She added to The Sun newspaper: ‘’Hotel rooms are fine. You have room service and movies on the TV. I’m use to it because I’ve been touring since I was 15.

‘’And quite frankly, the rooms I’m in now are a lot nicer than the ones I was staying in back then. I used to do some touring in a van.’’

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Tuesday, 23. October 2012