Kylie Minogue likes to be the boss on tour

Kylie Minogue likes to wear her ‘’boss hat’’ on tour.

The Australian singer can’t believe how successful she’s become during her 25 years in the music industry, but feels more pressure than ever to keep her dancers and crew in check and put on a great show for fans.

Speaking in a radio interview, Kylie said: ‘’I get excited seeing the trucks. I’ve got 26. I think my first tour was one minivan with everything in it, so I can see how far I’ve come.

‘’I don’t watch my shows back, I would send me into a spin. I often have to put my boss hat on, because particularly with the dancers they are excitable, and I have to be the meanie once in a while.’’

‘’But otherwise I think I’m a pretty good boss. It’s my show, and if it’s good, Kylie did a good show, and if it’s not good, Kylie did not do a good show. And I praise everyone I work with, they know I really respect their work and I like to have a happy environment. I like to know who every member of the crew is.’’

The petite pop star admits touring can be exhausting and she often suffers from anxiety even though she is a lot more confident in her vocal ability than she was when she first started out.

Kylie explained: ‘’Once I get into rehearsals [for a tour] I get home and think ’oh my god, how will I ever get through this’… I look back on my first tours, and partly because I was insecure I kept moving. I was more confident dancing than singing then.’’

Kylie will release an orchestral reworking of her biggest hits, ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’, on October 29.

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Monday, 22. October 2012