Lady Gaga slams Die Antwoord in twitter row

Lady Gaga has blasted Die Antwoord over twitter.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer was outraged at the South African duo’s new song ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ which makes fun of the pop star and her eccentric stage performances.

The video features a man dressed in Gaga’s iconic meat dress taking a violent sightseeing trip around Johannesburg, before giving birth to a prawn and being mauled by a lion on the street.

The 26-year-old singer hit back at the controversial rappers in a tweet which parodies their song lyrics, saying: ‘’i fink u freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA. #thatsmys**t… i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you’re a fan. never mind! we get it, you’re not a little monster. (sic)’’

The duo replied: ‘’lady… even tho (though) u r ’larger’ than us… we still cooler than u… plus we don’t have prawns in our privates… (sic)’’

The video also sees Gaga’s doppelganger attacked by masked men, who chase her down the street as they pelt her with bullets.

Although the artists have never acknowledged a rivalry, singers Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja previously revealed they had turned down the chance join the superstar on the South African leg of her tour.

The new single also sees Die Antwoord appear as street musicians as the Gaga lookalike quips: ‘’Maybe I should get them to open for me.’’

Ninja said at the time: ‘’Weird shit’s been happening, like f*****g Lady Gaga asked us to tour with her and we’re like, ‘No, don’t worry about it.’ Our stuff is like f*****g hardcore like solid heavyweight!

‘’We like making pop music, but we like making hardcore music at the same time, mixing them, but they’ve got, like, soul. It’s not like weak, superficial s**t. You know?’’

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Friday, 19. October 2012