Manic Street Preachers prepare for final phase

Manic Street Preachers are preparing for the ‘’final phase’’ of their career.

The Welsh rockers – whose debut album ‘Generation Terrorists’ is re-released to mark its 20th anniversary next month – are currently working on new material and bassist-and-lyricist Nicky Wire says it will be a last push for ’’reinvention’’ and the chance to do something exciting.

The 43-year-old rocker said: ‘’When you get to our age you’ve gotta do something so f***ing engaging and exciting for yourself, let alone the public.

‘’The last five years we’ve had such a great run that you don’t wanna f***ing spoil that.

’’It’s not that we’re short of songs or anything. It’s just gotta be the final phase of the band, really, one more leap, one more reinvention.’’

Though Nicky says the band have written a ’’lot’’ of songs, he admits they haven’t taken their studio sessions entirely seriously.

He added to NME magazines: ’’We’ve got a lot of demos. We’ve got maybe 15 or 16 songs. There’s a tender, acoustic unsettling side and there’s a very European kind of David Bowie or early Simple Minds side at the moment.

’’We’re just f***ing around, sometimes [drummer] Sean’s playing synths, I’m playing guitar and [singer and guitarist] James is playing drums – we’re just p***ing around a lot.’’

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Sunday, 07. October 2012