Ellie Goulding's ex happy about break-up album

Ellie Goulding’s ex-boyfriend likes the break-up record she wrote about him.

The singer is releasing ‘Halcyon’, which she has described as ’’dark’’ and admitted was inspired by her split from radio DJ Greg James in January this year, but despite its subject matter, he is still a fan.

She said: ‘’Greg and I are still friends. Yes, I was worried about what he’d think about these songs but he’s heard them and is fine.

’’He’s always been a fan of my music, that’s how we met. I don’t think he takes it too seriously. That period in our lives has passed now. We’ve moved on. He texted me the other day to say that he really liked ‘Figure 8’.’’

Ellie is now dating electronic musician Skrillex, but despite them having worked together she says he’s not affected the sound of ‘Halcyon’.

She added: ‘’People ask me that but no. They ask if I’ve copied his hair too but I had mine first! I just met someone, fell in love with them and that’s it. He’s my guy and he influences me but only in the way that any boyfriend would influence a girl.

‘’As for me influencing him, I read somewhere that I made him feel more secure. That was really nice. I felt a little bit like, ’Ah’ because he’s never said that to me.

‘’I think we’ve just been really good for each other and we motivate each other.’’

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Sunday, 07. October 2012