Brett (from Awkward) answers your questions!

Check out Awkward Brett's replies to your questions:

The scene in the hot tub, was that your most awkward scene in the show? Or was there an other one for you?
- Shooting the scenes is never very awkward since the cast gets along so well. The situations in the scenes are awkward for the characters, but as an actor, it is just another day at work.

What is the most awkward thing a fan has ever asked you?
- I get a lot of marriage proposals on Twitter (@BDavv). But, I love how much the fans are into the show!

If you got to play Matty for a day and Beau would be Jake, what would you like to do?
- I could never attempt to play Matty… Beau does such a good job at it.

How was your years during high school?
- I had a very normal high school experience. Not the most popular but not un-popular… I guess I was an inbetweener!

What did you need to do during the auditions for Awkward, to get to play “Jake”?
- It was just like any other audition. Go in, and try your best to win the job. I guess I did something right!

What is your favorite sport?
- I love all sports! If they are keeping score, I am watching. I root for all things Seattle, which is tough sometimes, but I will never abandon those teams.

Why did you kiss Tamara, weren’t you in love with Jenna?
- Jake is a people pleaser, and a guy who always thinks he can fix things. Tamara was sad and crying about how no one likes her, and he figured he could brighten her day. Jenna broke his heart but he is mature enough to know when he has lost, and when to move on. I think Tamara and Jake are perfect for each other. We will see where our genius writing staff takes them next season!

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Monday, 08. October 2012