Tulisa: N-Dubz will reunite in 2013

Tulisa Contostavlos has confirmed N-Dubz will reunite next year.

The 24-year-old singer said it is ’’definitely’’ in the works for the ‘I Need You’ hitmakers – also made up of her cousin Dappy Contostavlos and her ex-boyfriend Fazer – to get back together in 2013 after their first solo albums are released.

The blonde beauty is desperate for the pop group – who went on a self-imposed hiatus in September 2011 – to reform because she is ’’terrified’’ of singing on her own.

When asked how she felt when she first went solo, she explained: ‘’I was terrified. I don’t like it to this day. I would rather be back in the band.’’

Tulisa revealed she visited Dappy’s house recently and the pair felt like ‘’brother and sister reunited’’ as they chatted about their success with N-Dubz and how they ‘’miss each other’’ on stage and in the studio.

Speaking on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’, she added: ‘’I went round to Dappy’s house the other day and I stayed over and we were pretty much inseparable. We were like brother and sister reunited for the whole night. He felt the same.

‘’We sat there telling each how lonely we were and how we missed each other on stage and we missed each other in the studio and that we want to reunite after this first solo album.’’

The ‘X Factor’ judge is releasing her first solo album, ‘Tulisa’, on November 26, while Dappy’s debut solo album ‘Bad Intentions’ comes out next month and Fazer’s is yet to have a release date.

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Wednesday, 26. September 2012