Flying Lotus like a cartoon character

Flying Lotus describes himself as the ‘’Bugs Bunny’’ of beats.

The innovative electro star tries to think of himself as a cartoon character, as ’’everything’s possible in cartoons.’’

He told RedBulletin magazine: ‘’A big part of my process is just experimentation, then I find the right pieces within it. That helps blow up the limitations of your imagination. I am Bugs Bunny and I can pull beats or whatever out of your pockets.’’

Flying Lotus – real name Steven Ellison – says he pushes himself to come up with exciting, fresh beats, and likes to use things that aren’t conventional instruments.

He added: ‘’I think it has to do with me messing around with stuff in my studio that aren’t really instruments.

’’I’ll pick up my cup of pens and just record them falling on the table.’’

Flying Lotus has been compared to artists as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis, but while he was flattered by such comparisons to begin with, he has started to dislike the different labels people give his music.

He said: ‘’I needed to separate myself from that scene. I had to move on, even if that’s risky from a career point of view’’.

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Friday, 21. September 2012