Olly Murs is a millionaire

Olly Murs is a millionaire.

The ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ hitmaker – who shot to fame after coming second on ‘The X Factor’ in 2009 – has seen his earnings rocket into seven figures thanks to his pop career, touring and stint as host of ‘The Xtra Factor’.

However, the records from his company, Stanley Entertainment, only include his earnings until December 2011 which means most of the profits from his recent tour and double platinum-selling album ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’, aren’t included.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ‘’Olly is a real grafter – has worked his socks off since he took part in ’The X Factor’.

‘’He is constantly juggling working on the ’Xtra Factor’, touring and recording new music, so every penny is hard earned.’’

The former call centre worker – who used to earn just £6 an hour before finding fame – has previously admitted he is careful with his cash.

He said earlier this year: ‘’Am I a millionaire yet? That will hopefully come this year. The difference with me is that I am very conscious of my money and I look after it.’’

Olly could be set to boost his income even further, as earlier this week, the 28-year-old singer announced the release of his debut album in the US.

He will release ‘Right Place Right Time’ in America on December 4 through Columbia Records,and the record will differ from his third UK release of the same name.

Speaking about the album – which will include his first US single ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ – he said: ’’I am so excited that I am getting the chance to release my music in the US.

’’’’Heart Skips A Beat’ has been a big hit for me around the world, but I never thought I’d be able to bring it to the US!’’

He will promote the track on ‘Good Morning America’ on September 28.

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Thursday, 20. September 2012