Tulisa defends Live It Up chart position

Tulisa didn’t expect ‘Live It Up’ to be a huge hit.

The singer defended the single – which made number 11 in Sunday’s (16.09.12) UK top 40 chart – saying it was a ’’strategic’’ release ahead of her debut album, ‘The Female Boss’.

She told BBC Newsbeat: ‘’I said I didn’t know if it will even get into the top ten. With that single it was strategic to sell the album. I’m not trying to get a number one with this one.’’

She added the track wasn’t likely to be as big as her debut song, ‘Young’, as it was more ’’urban’’ than the pop dance track.

She said: ‘’I know it’s urban. I know that it’s probably not going to chart high. I want to show a different side to the album. For me it’s a bigger picture.’’

The 24-year-old singer also said she has been talking with her N-Dubz bandmates Fazer and Dappy – whom she has recently had a somewhat rocky relationship with – about reuniting, after they have all released their respective solo albums.

She added: ‘’Yesterday I met up with Dappy. We have been chilling out together and the three of us are in talks about setting a date to reunite.’’

‘The Female Boss’ is released on November 26.

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Wednesday, 19. September 2012