Two Door Cinema Club say touring makes them 'better musicians'

Sam Halliday believes touring has made Two Door Cinema Club ‘’better musicians’’.

The band’s guitarist is pleased with the progress the group – also formed of Alex Trimble and Kevin Baird – have made since their first album and claims playing live ensures they write the best songs possible.

When asked by the Spotify blog whether touring affects their songs, Sam said: ’’It does in the sense that it makes you much better musicians. That must do something – and seeing so many new bands inspires you too.

‘’Basically, when you record a song you have to be super happy with it as you know you’ll be playing it to people for a long time.’’

The musician also spoke about the ‘Something Good Can Work’ hitmakers’ inspirations, citing bands such as Biffy Clyro and The Strokes as their biggest influences.

He added: ’’I’d have to say that The Strokes’ ‘Is This It’ is a huge one – they were one of the first guitar bands I was ever aware of.

‘’When I was 11 or 12 I thought playing guitar meant being in Guns N’ Roses, but The Strokes made playing guitar look like fun, like something I could do.’’

Sam, 22, advised new fans to start by listening to their first album, but also mentioned they are proud of their new record ‘Beacon’, with track ‘The World Is Watching’ being their first take on a ‘’big ballad’’.

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Monday, 17. September 2012