Biffy Clyro promise stripped down album

Biffy Clyro’s seventh album will be stripped down.

The ‘Stingin’ Belle’ band have just completed their huge double disc ‘Opposites’ album, but are already thinking of their next record, which will be a much more simple and straightforward affair.

Frontman Simon Neil told NME: ’’We’ve gone so far with this big, orchestral rock thing that we’ve filled the canvas with this record. The only way to go is to take it down to three people in a room, strip it right back.’’

The band – which also includes brothers James and Ben Johnson – went to Los Angeles to record ‘Opposites’ and found the city was the ideal environment to make the record in.

James said: ’’There’s something about being in this environment that’s like being in a fantasy land, and that’s a good environment to make a record.’’

Simon jokingly added: ‘’Aye, that and good drugs.’’

The group have also delved into new musical territory on the album, incorporating a number of unorthodox instruments into the recordings.

Simon added: ‘’This is as over the top as we could possibly go. We’ve got bagpipes, kazoo, tubular bells. We also went to a huge Baptist church in Pasadena and played the organ.’’

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Saturday, 15. September 2012