Milla Jovovich releasing album next month

Milla Jovovich is releasing an album.

The 36-year-old model-and-actress has been working with her ex-boyfriend Stuart Zender – who played bass in Jamiroquai – on some music and hopes people will be able to buy it by next month.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ‘’Hopefully by October I’ll be able to put something out.

’’It’s called ‘Sweeter Than Madness’ and my musician friend Chris Brenner is producing it. My ex-boyfriend, Stuart Zender, a founder member of Jamiroquai, plays bass.’’

Milla previously released an album called ‘The Divine Comedy’ in 1994.

As well as singing, acting and modelling, the brunette beauty – who has four-year-old daughter Ever with husband Paul W. S. Anderson – recently revealed another talent – sword fighting.

She said: ’’I’m a better sword fighter than anybody I know, that’s for sure.

‘’I mean, within my circle of friends I’m a big ham, so I’ll always break the sword out, have a couple of beers and start swinging it in a haphazard manner.’’

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Friday, 07. September 2012