The Vaccines: Rihanna is not an artist

The Vaccines claim Rihanna ’’isn’t an artist.’’

The ‘No Hope’ band don’t see the singer in the same light as themselves, because she has a team writing and producing all her songs for her rather than doing it herself.

Guitarist Freddie Cowan told Digital Spy: ‘’Rihanna isn’t an artist – she has 15 writers, 15 songwriters and 15 producers all fighting for space on her albums and she’s the face of it.

‘’I have nothing against it, but I don’t want to be associated with it.’’

Freddie also claimed his group would never want to do a collaboration with a pop star like indie group Coldplay, who wrote ‘Princess of China’ with Rihanna, which they will perform together at the Paralympics closing ceremony next month.

He added: ’’I’ve never heard that song, but it’s Coldplay – they’ll do whatever they can to be the biggest band on earth, to be bigger than U2.

‘’They do it really well and they’ve never put out a bad album so hats off to them.

‘’I have nothing against those collaborations because I don’t feel you can judge people, but I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in something like that. It needs artistic merit.’’

The Vaccines new album, ‘Come of Age’ is set for release on September 3.

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Wednesday, 29. August 2012