Cover Drive take tips from Dappy

Cover Drive picked up lots of tips from working with Dappy on their new track ‘Explode’.

The ‘Twilight’ band – who are from Barbados – worked with the rapper and producer on their next single, and said he had plenty of tips for them in the studio and on the set of the video.

Singer Amanda Reifer said: ‘’Dappy was an amazing professional on set. What we liked best was that he did not only focus on his part but the whole picture. He had tips and shared all the time.’’

The band – which also includes Drummer and rapper T-Ray Armstrong, guitarist and keyboard player Barry ‘Bar-Man’ Hill and bass player Jamar Harding – have had three top ten hits in the UK, ‘Lick Ya Down’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘Sparks’, but haven’t been able to enjoy the spoils of their fame yet, as their manager has stopped them from indulging in any extravagances.

Ray added: ’’Our manager, my mum, has us living on a serious budget. She always says you need to eat, and remember the difference between wants and needs.

‘’No wait, we all splurged and bought iPhones… Does that count?’’

The band have also told how opening for fellow Barbadian singer Rihanna was a highlight to their career so far.

Amanda said: ‘’Opening for Rihanna was the best 20 minutes of our life.’’

T-Ray added: ‘’Meeting her was the best five minutes of our life. I actually was the only guy in the band who spoke to her. Sure, all she said was, ’I’m melting,’ But she did laugh.’’

‘Explode’ featuring Dappy is out now (24.08.12), and the band are on tour with JLS and Kelly Clarkson from now until October.

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Tuesday, 28. August 2012