Gavin Rossdale: nobody cared about solo album

Gavin Rossdale says ‘’nobody cared’’ about his solo career.

The Bush frontman formed new band Institute after the group originally split in 2002, and after that failed made a solo album, 2008’s ‘Wanderlust’, but now admits it was a mistake.

Referring to Bush’s breakup, Gavin told Classic Rock magazine: ’’There were no fireworks. It was almost like the air being sucked out of a building.

‘’There was a side-project [Institute], and then a solo career, by default – that was almost a douche-bag route; who cares about singers making solo records? I needed to be in Bush again.’’

Bush had big hits in the US with their albums ‘Sixteen Stone’, ‘Razorblade Suitcase’ and ‘The Science of Things’ but split after guitarist Nigel Pulsford left and sales declined.

Nigel and original bass player Dave Parsons both declined to return when the band reformed in 2010, and released new album ‘The Sea of Memories’ the following year.

Gavin said he’s not upset the founding member of the group hasn’t returned, saying: ‘’I haven’t even missed Nigel not being in the band. It couldn’t be more normal. Nigel just doesn’t want to work anymore, he’s never coming back.’’

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Saturday, 18. August 2012