Mumford and Sons 'uncrushable' spirit

Mumford and Sons have an ’’uncrushable’’ spirit.

The band have toured almost solidly for the last two years and this has helped them ‘’man up’’ and work as a unit to overcome any obstacle, even singer and guitarist Marcus Mumford breaking his hand.

Bassist Ted Dwane told Rolling Stone magazine: ‘’It was bad. He’s kind of fixed it now. It was kind of amazing, because when it happened, obviously the spirit on the bus was like, ‘F**k, you know, this is really bad.’

‘’But now, he’s just about back on top. We have this spirit that’s just uncrushable. Everyone just mans up and everyone just gets on with it. We just work out how we’re going to do it and make the best of a bad situation. And I think that’s why we’ve continued to get along well. There’s no one here who is defeatist. Whenever challenges occur, everyone starts to dive at it.’’

The band- completed by Country Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett – are poised to release their second album, ‘Babel’, and hope the music on it will help ’’broaden’’ the way people see the group.

Ted added: ’’There’s a perception of what we are, but it’s sort of based on one album – 12 songs! We’re really excited to broaden that spectrum of people’s perception of what we are musically.

‘’It wasn’t really that nerve-wracking, because the success was really unexpected, and we never really quantify success in record sales because we’ve always called ourselves a live band, really.’’

‘Babel’ is released on September 21.

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Thursday, 09. August 2012