Fatboy Slim 'fitter than ever' after beating alcohol

Fatboy Slim is ‘’fitter than ever’’ after beating alcohol.

The ‘Praise You’ DJ, real name Norman Cook, checked into rehab in 2009 after an ongoing battle with the bottle, but since he has managed to overcome alcoholism he is in top form.

Norman said: ‘’I gave up drinking three years ago and I’ve run Brighton Marathon. Everything you do is a lot easier to deal with when you go to bed after a show rather than party for two days.’’

The DJ, who is married to Zoe Ball – with whom he has two children, Woody, 11, and Nelly, two – said: ‘’I have a family and I’m fitter than ever. Life is sweet.’’

Despite winning ten MTV Video Music Awards and two Brit Awards in the past for his music, He isn’t interested in making a return as a recording artist.

Norman said: ‘’I listen to current dance music and I think, do I even fit in here? I really don’t feel drawn to the studio. I much prefer to focus on DJing. Skrillex told me he gave up playing in bands and took up DJing because of me.’’

Norman also said he now does whatever he wants with his career, rather than letting his label or management pressure him into decisions.

He said: ‘’As you get older you realise you don’t have to do any of that stuff. My career now is buoyant, but manageable. Basically, I do what I want.’’

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Thursday, 09. August 2012