Charlie Watts needs two years off from bandmates

The Rolling Stones Charlie Watts doesn’t want to see Ronnie Wood ‘’for two years’’ after touring.

The drummer spends so much time with his bandmates – Ronnie, Keith Richards and Sir Mick Jagger – when they stage huge worldwide tours, he doesn’t want to spend any more time with them after they have finished.

He said: ‘’The tours are two years long, so I’m living with Ronnie Wood for all that time, so I don’t need to see him for another two years.’’

Charlie added in the band’s 60s heyday they had a much more hectic schedule, and would spend even more time together, but didn’t mind being photographed all the time as they were more youthful.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ‘’In the mid 60s the tours would be a trip around England, then a trip around America, then recording in America back to Europe, England to America. You were living together the whole time, you’d get a month off at the most. You were younger though. And also, you were more photogenic, to be honest. I don’t think Keith would want you photographing him at two in the morning now.’’

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Saturday, 28. July 2012