Noel Gallagher: Me and Liam have to be kept apart

Noel and Liam Gallagher have to be kept apart at festivals.

The warring brothers – who were in Oasis together until Noel quit in 2009 after a huge argument with Liam – have both been booked to perform at this weekend’s Fuji Rock Festival in Japan with their new bands, but will play on different days to avoid a clash.

Noel is bringing his High Flying Birds project to the Festival on Saturday (28.07.12) while Liam will perform with Beady Eye the previous day (27.07.12).

Noel told The Sun newspaper: ‘’I don’t think either camp would allow it. What happens if we’re on the same bill? People start asking if we’re reforming [Oasis], that’s what.

‘’Or they’ll ask if we’re going to get on stage together and sing ’Digsy’s f***ing Dinner’.

‘’I don’t need that and I doubt he does either. I’d rather avoid it all together, thank you.’’

Both acts play Oasis songs in their sets, and Noel recently said he is happy for Beady Eye to perform songs he wrote because he gets royalties from it.

He said: ‘’Beady Eye have my permission to play my songs and they should do whatever they like. I say he should go around the world, do those songs and fill out the PRS [Performing Right Society] forms.’’

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Tuesday, 24. July 2012