Ol Beach: Queen have been an influence

Ol Beach has only just realised how influential Queen are.

The Yellowire frontman admits the ‘Under Pressure’ hitmakers have been ‘’massively influential’’ but because his father, Jim Beach, was their manager, he was always too close to the band to truly understand just how good they were.

He said: ‘’I think Queen are obviously a massively influential band that have done amazing things and any band would say they’ve been an influence, we all know a couple of their songs.

‘’In a funny way, it took me along time to understand [their influence] because as a child I’d seen it from the inside and it’s only recently I ended up watching them play Wembley on TV and as a musician I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing musicianship’. They definitely do have influence.’’

Despite his father’s years of experience in the music industry, Ol says he never interferes with his work but can always be relied on to give expert help.

He added to BANG Showbiz: ‘’My dad is really helpful and very wise and lovely and doesn’t boss me around but he’s there if I need to ask any questions.’’

Yellowire’s single ‘All Said & Done’ is out now.

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Monday, 23. July 2012