Nas' mature sound

Nas thinks his music has grown ‘’more mature’’.

The 38-year-old rapper believes his sound is changing as he is getting older, though he has no plans for a radical change in musical direction.

He said: ’’I’ve matured and my music is going to reflect that. I don’t use words like ‘bitches’ as much as I used to in my daily life, but it’s still in my music – music’s my outlet but I’m not that mature yet. I’m not singing jazz yet, I’m not Sinatra.’’

Nas’ new album ‘Life Is Good’ features the late Amy Winehouse on a track called ‘Cherry Wine’ and he revealed he used to enjoy speaking with the singer because she was so wise and funny.

He added: ‘’She was wise way beyond her years. She was too wise. She’d call me and I’d be laughing the entire conversation.

’’We’d be talking about movies, music… she wouldn’t soften the blow when she said what she had to say, it didn’t matter who she was talking about.’’

Nas and Amy were introduced by mutual friend Salaam Remi because the producer felt they’d get along as they were so alike.

Nas recalled to The Guardian newspaper: ‘’He said, ’There’s this girl, you guys are just alike, you write the same, you think alike, you share the same birthday.’ ’’

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Friday, 06. July 2012