Keith Richards 'introvert and articulate'

Keith Richards is always ‘’introvert and articulate,’’ even when he used to take hard drugs.

The Rolling Stones guitarist – famous for his hellraising past, including vast amounts of drinking and drug abuse – is much quieter and considered than people imagine, according to his band mate Charlie Watts.

Charlie said: ‘’Keith is very quiet. The image he puts over, or people put on him, he’s not like that at all. Or not very often. He’s introverted and incredibly articulate, even when he was on a lot of junk [heroin]. He’s strong.

‘’My relationship with Keith is very good, but we don’t do much more than just laugh at each other.’’

Charlie also told about how Keith once took in a stray dog during a tour in Russia, which he keeps as his pet to this day.

He added to Q magazine: ‘’The last dog he picked up was on tour in Russia: Rasputin. It was a stray which wandered in backstage and, typical Keith, ’I’ll have that.’ He fed him some chops and, of course, the dog loved it. From then on it was like living at The Ritz for Rasputin. He lives the high life now in Connecticut with Keith’s two pugs.’’

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Wednesday, 04. July 2012