Jarvis Cocker: Pulp won't last forever

Jarvis Cocker insists Pulp won’t go on ’’indefinitely’’.

The group reformed last year following a nine-year hiatus and though the singer says they won’t split for good, he admits they may take another long break.

He said: ‘’I never like to say things like [it’s the end of Pulp]. It’s like James Bond, isn’t it? You’ve got to leave it open.

‘’If you say, ’For good’ then it… it’s like when we took that big break in 2002, we never actually said we’d split up.

‘’We just stopped for 10 years. But we can’t keep doing it indefinitely.’’

Pulp haven’t performed in the UK since March and though they have gigs planned for this year, they won’t be taking to the stage in Britain.

Jarvis explained: ‘’We have got a few more dates. We’re not playing the UK because we did that a lot last year.

’’We’re playing a few places we didn’t have the chance to last year, like America, Romania, the first ever Pulp show in Italy.

‘’We are doing a few shows but not as many as last year. I’d guess that we’ll probably stop at the end of the year.’’

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Monday, 02. July 2012