Carly Rae Jepsen knew Good Time was great

Carly Rae Jepsen thought ‘Good Time’ was ’’amazing’’ before she was even asked to perform on it.

The singer was thrilled to learn Owl City wanted her to duet on the track after she fell in love with the song the first time she heard it.

she explained: ’’Actually I found out about the track through [manager] Scooter Braun. He sort of played me the song in one of the first weeks I came down to Los Angeles to meet him.

‘’I heard it and I was just like, ’This is amazing. I would love to sing on this.’

‘’Scooter was like, ’Great, because Adam Young wants you too.’ So it just worked out, and I really love the song.’’

Owl City’s Adam says getting Carly on board for the song was a ‘’dream come true’’.

He told MTV News: ‘’It was this whole worlds-collide thing, and it was this kind of dream come true. I can’t believe it happened.

‘’It was so kind to lend her talent to this song, so yeah, it worked out. I feel like it’s one of those songs, it kind of always needed to be a duet. That was the initial idea from step one.’’

Adam admitted he has spent a long time wanting to release a party track and is thrilled with the results.

He said: ‘’I feel like every artist is inherently granted one shot to sing about having a good time in his or her life, and six months ago, I realised I hadn’t cashed in my chips yet.

‘’So I thought, ’I’m gonna sit down and I’m gonna give this a shot and get my friend Carly to sing on it.’

‘’The final product rarely exceeds your expectations, and this thing just kind of happened.’’

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Thursday, 28. June 2012