will.i.am is planning Cheryl and Britney duet

will.i.am is orchestrating a duet between Cheryl Cole and Britney Spears.

The Black Eyed Peas rapper – who manages Cheryl – is persuading the ‘Toxic’ singer to record a track with the British star as he thinks the results would be ’’dope’’.

He told The Sun newspaper: ‘’Britney would be great with Cheryl. When I’m recording with Britney I’ve four songs of Cheryl sitting there.’’

will.i.am – who has worked with Cheryl since her debut solo album, ‘3 Words’ – has also spoken to R&B singer Rihanna about another possible duet.

He added: ‘’I told Rihanna there was this girl called Cheryl Cole and she is the pop princess of England. I was telling people in America they should collaborate. Hopefully it will happen soon.’’

Cheryl and will.i.am have appeared on each other’s solo records in the past; with her featuring on his singles ‘HeartBreaker’ and ‘Check It Out’, and him lending vocals to her 2009 track ‘3 Words’.

The Girls Aloud singer also rapped on a track produced by will.i.am which never made the final cut of her new album ‘A Million Lights’.

She joked: ‘’He still has a copy of it. I think I inspire him. I think you’ll find on his next record I inspired him with my rap masterpiece.’’

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Thursday, 28. June 2012