Jessie J sued

Jessie J is being sued for copyright infringement.

California-based singer Will Loomis has filed a suit over ‘’substantially similar compositional elements’’ between her hit ‘Domino’ and his song ‘Bright Red Chords,’ which was released with band Loomis & the Lust in 2009.

The US singer’s attorneys claim Jessie and her co-songwriters ‘’wilfully infringed’’ on copyright and sold ‘’millions of copies of their derivative work’‘, resulting in ’’significant ill-gotten commercial advantage’’.

Documents filed to the United States District Court on Monday (25.06.12) by Will’s legal team added:‘’Will Loomis is a rising star in the music business. Bright Red Chords is among Loomis’s most popular songs. It was written in 2008 and rapidly gained popularity.’’

He is seeking a jury trial and at least $150,000 in damages.

Will has taken to his Facebook page about the matter, posting a video of Jessie performing ‘Domino’ at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee concert earlier this month.

Alongside the clip he wrote: ‘’Check out Jessie J playing our song for the King and Queen (sic).’’

He added: ‘’When I wrote this melody in my garage I never imagined it would be sung for the King and Queen of England and I especially never imagined it would be sung by Jessie J (sic).’’

Despite Will’s claims, England’s sole monarch is Queen Elizabeth, and her husband’s title is Prince Philip.

24-year-old Jessie and her representatives have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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Wednesday, 27. June 2012