Justin Bieber inspired by Jackson

Justin Bieber’s ‘Die in Your Arms’ was inspired by Michael Jackson.

The Canadian singer worked with legendary hitmaker Rodney Jerkins – who produced Michael’s ‘You Rock My World’ – on the song, and watched a video of the late performer to get him into the right mindset before recording.

Speaking at the filming of a special ‘Bieber Live’ show, where he performed for MTV in New York, he said: ‘’Before I got in the booth, Rodney showed me this hour-long video of Michael footage, never been seen before. It’s Michael’s personality, him in the booth dancing. It’s some really special stuff.

‘’So me seeing that, going in there and being inspired and working with Rodney, who worked with Michael – it was incredible.’’

Justin – who is a talented drummer and also plays guitar – also assured fans he is a real musician rather than a manufactured pop star, and has an hands-on role with all of his tracks.

He added: ‘’I was very involved in the process – I played instruments, produced, wrote – so I want people to know it’s not all hype.

‘’I want people to know I’ve been working hard on my music. Focus on the music. Don’t think I’m just this product pushed out there. I work hard, and music is really important to me. I see a lot of hate online, which is inevitable, but at the end of the day, I’m just trying to prove them wrong by making good music.’’

Justin’s third album, ‘Believe’, is out now.

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Wednesday, 20. June 2012