Cheryl Cole's 'perfect' album

Cheryl Cole says ‘A Million Lights’ is ’’perfect’’ because she had plenty of time to record it.

The ‘Call my Name’ singer admits she was still finding her feet as a solo artist on her first two albums – ‘3 Words’ and ‘Messy Little Raindrops’ – but is most pleased with her new album ‘A Million Lights’, as she could concentrate solely on it while recording.

Cheryl, 28 – who split from husband Ashley Cole just after releasing her first album, and was a judge on ‘The X Factor’ when her second came out in 2010 – said in a live chat with ’’It’s just perfect for me this album, I was adjusting a lot in the first instance, but I’m not afraid now.

‘’And I wasn’t doing anything else, so I could concentrate totally on the music, focus on getting it right.’’

Cheryl also gave her advice for budding young singers, telling them to be aware of all the different aspects of the record industry and prepared to work hard to make their dreams happen.

She added: ‘’My best advice is to learn what industry you are getting into, it’s easy to be blindsided by the glitz and the glamour. You need to, on the business side, be aware of what you are doing, and there is a lot of hard work involved.

‘’You just love singing and in your mind it’s as simple as that, but there’s so much more that comes with it.’’

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Tuesday, 19. June 2012