Drake: My music is bigger than rap

Drake’s music is bigger than rap.

The ‘Over’ hitmaker is often labelled a rapper but says his vocal abilities extend beyond rhyming and what he does is different and harder to define.

He told MTV News: ‘’The music that I make is bigger than the box people try and put rappers in. People always try to draw me back to just rap. And – nah, I’m good. I like what I do. Period. That’s how I feel. Nobody can really do what I do or what we do, including [Noah] ‘40’ [Shebib] and all the producers that I’ve worked with.’’

Drake will start work on his third album soon, the follow up to ‘Take Care’, and says with each record he becomes more comfortable with who he is as an artist.

He explained: ‘’I feel like with every project we do there’s growth and with every project I do, I become more comfortable with the artist I am. ‘Take Care’ solidified a lot of things for me. It’s a list of things that would probably be too immense to go through, but it solidified a lot of things and let me know what I want to do, and who I want to be.’’

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Monday, 18. June 2012