Beastie Boys' fun in the studio

Beastie Boys ‘’had fun’’ in the studio shortly before Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch’s death.

The musician passed away last month following a battle with cancer and despite being ill, he told his bandmates he wanted to make more music, though it is unclear whether the recordings will ever be released.

The group’s long-term producer Mario C – who worked with them on four albums – said: ’’The guys told me that he wanted to record. So they jung out and did what they used to do – just lay it down and have fun.

‘’He would want people to hear it if it was good. I’m not sure what his voice was sounding like at that point. I’m sure the guys would be very tasteful in using anything. If it was supposed to be heard and it’s appropriate, then it will happen.’’

There has also been speculation that a Beastie Boys compilation of unreleased tracks could be released and the producer confirmed there are some unheard songs from his sessions with the ‘Intergalactic’ hitmakers.

He added to NME magazine: ’’There was a lot of material recorded so there is a possibility of something coming out.

‘’I actually went through it all recently and checked out a few things that weren’t used for ‘Hello Nasty’ and there’s definitely two or three extra tracks that didn’t get utilized that could be utilised.’’

However, Mario insists any recordings won’t be released in the near future.

He added: ’’We’ll take it slowly. No one’s thinking of doing anything right away. It’s too soon.’’

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Wednesday, 13. June 2012