Marcus Collins wants Ronson track

Marcus Collins would love to work with Mark Ronson.

The ‘Mercy’ singer – who rose to fame on the UK’s ‘X Factor’ – has a list of producers he wants to work with and the ‘Valerie’ hitmaker is among those he has designs on.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ‘’I love Sam Sparrow. I’m really, really looking forward to working with him actually. He was on my dream list of collaborators. Like Mark Ronson actually I would really love to work with him, I think he’s amazing.’’

Marcus has established a big fan base since releasing his music and he is overjoyed some of his gay fans feel they can relate to him and his story.

He added: ‘’I think it’s lovely, sometimes gay fans write letters to me and they say how I have helped them come to terms with their sexuality and that’s just really lovely. It can be a bit daunting but if I can help them just by being me, well that’s just great. I’m glad to be myself. ’’

Marcus’ new single ‘Mercy’ is out now.

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Thursday, 07. June 2012