11 Break-Up Anthems That Will Ease The Pain

Ariana Grande's record-breaking bop "thank u, next" joins some of our favourite bangers of all time...

Ariana Grande might have revolutionised the break-up pop song with her new single ‘thank u, next’ but she wasn’t the first to find power in her heartache.

From Rihanna to Dua Lipa – artists have given us timeless bangers to help us get over our exes and, while Little Mix didn’t name Zayn Malik like Ariana did her ex-loves, we often know who they’re singing about.

Some have taken the high road, reclaiming their independence and power in the narrative, others have learned their lessons from their exes, and others have simply dragged theirs through the dirt.

Now, come on, let’s let them know who they’re messing with!

Monday, 03. December 2018