Carrie Underwood writes for herself

Carrie Underwood writes for herself.

The ‘Before He Cheats’ singer tries not to worry about the business side of her career and instead just concentrates on writing music that she enjoys singing.

She explained to ‘’I try not to think too much about what other people want from me. I feel like that’s somebody else’s job to be like, ‘Carrie, you’ve gone too far.’ I don’t know statistics, and I don’t know what kind of songs people download more. I just know what I like, and I know when I’m singing what feels good for me to sing and what songs I’d turn up on the radio and which ones I’d change. So I kind of write for myself, I sing for myself, and if people like it, I guess they’re a lot like me.’’

Mutt Lange offered Carrie the song ‘Who Are You’ for her latest album ‘Blown Away’ and she was thrilled the legendary producer wanted to work with her.

Carrie said: ‘’He submitted it. He sent it in. He’s really secretive and private about what he has. Lord knows how many songs he has stashed away some place, but I guess he had me in mind at some point.

‘’I don’t know when he wrote it, but somewhere along the way he must have thought, ‘Hey, Carrie would sound good on this.’ I don’t know what he thought but I’m glad whatever he thought, he thought it, because he sent it in.

‘’It was a nice last track. It really fit there nicely. … The great thing about that song is it can be whatever you need it to be. It can be about a parent. It can be about somebody that you love, guy or girl, whatever. It can be about God. It’s just about that rock, that person, that thing in your life that saves you.’’

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Tuesday, 29. May 2012