Labrinth wants Grohl collaboration

Labrinth wants to collaborate with Dave Grohl and Bjork.

The ‘Express Yourself’ hitmaker is a huge fan of both the Foo Fighters frontman and the eccentric singer and says it would be a dream to work with them.

He said: ‘’The people I want to collaborate with most are Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl and Björk. Dave was the coolest guy ever when I met him. I’ve gotten every single girl I’ve ever wanted, so when I say ‘I want Bjork’, I’ve just got to get that girl.’’

Labrinth – real name Timothy McKenzie – also revealed how music is his first love as he gets so much enjoyment from making new songs.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ‘’Music is everything to me. I love creating and being a producer but I’m still developing into the sort of artist I want to be.

’’I’m schizophrenic when I make music. One moment I want to make rock, the next it’s club music. It’s very hard to stick to one thing.

‘’It burns that the record industry makes me focus on just one thing because I have a very short attention span.’’

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Thursday, 31. May 2012