These Celebs Are Obsessed With Their Nipple Piercings

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  • 1. Bella Thorne: Famous In Love babe Bella is no stranger to tattoos and piercings and loves to show them off. Catch that on Snapchat.

  • 2. Perrie Edwards: Eagle eyed fans spotted Little Mix star Perrie Edwards' latest piercing in 2017 and Twitter went into meltdown.

  • 3. Bella Hadid: We’ve seen Bella and her double nip piercings more times that we’ve seen our own. And we’re okay with that.

  • 4. Kendall Jenner: Whether she’s walking the red-carpet, rocking off duty model realness or posing in Insta, Kendall is obsessed with letting her piercing run free.

  • 5. Kylie Jenner: Although she doesn’t show it much, Kylie’s boob bar made its Insta debut when she was promoting her clothing range in 2016.

  • 6. Chloe Ferry: The Geordie lass channelled her idol Kylie Jenner when she flashed her double piercing just months after Kylie. Well she’s keeping up after all.

  • 7. Amber Rose: We feel like Amber would look weird without her famous nipple jewellery, no? She’s kind of a bad ass.

  • 8. Keke Palmer: Keke used to be covered from piercings including her lip, nose, eyebrow and gums. GUMS. But now she’s pretty moderate in her bling, but she obvs kept the nipple in.

  • 9. Rihanna: The ultimate bad gal Rihanna was one of the first to start the trend of boob bling and we love her for it.

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    It seems like all the stars are getting them now!

    The nipple is just really living its best life at the moment with #FreeTheNipple being supported by some of the biggest celebs in the world.

    Kind of makes us wish we were slightly braver tbh.

    And now the nipple piercings have been freed as well. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner – celebs have been going crazy for the nipple piercing during the last couple of years.

    Check out the gallery above!

    Monday, 21. May 2018