Alexandra Burke's 'colourful' album

Alexandra Burke wanted to add ’’colour’’ to her career with her second album.

The ‘Elephant’ hitmaker wanted to represent the leaps forward she has made musically on the cover of her new album ‘Heartbreak on Hold’, by making it very colourful.

She told NME magazine: ‘’I am pushing colourful fake walls apart. It’s colourful, it’s pretty, it’s just really a step – not a step ahead, but with the last album it was all black and white and that’s what I didn’t want on this album.

‘’I wanted colour. It is a whole different thing. I’m hoping that when people hear this album, they can see the growth.’’

Alexandra has previously revealed she will duet with her mother, Mellissa Bell – who was a singer for 90s band Soul II Soul – although it has taken a long time to record because Melissa suffers with a kidney disease.

She said: ’’She is a big influence. She does backing vocals on it already. Now I want a duet with her.

‘’I have to be careful because my mummy’s not too well. She can’t get up and sing as much as I want her to. But I’d like her on a track. It’s not finished until she’s on it.’’

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Saturday, 26. May 2012