Steven Tyler: Records are like surfing

Steven Tyler thinks releasing an album is like surfing.

The Aerosmith frontman is hoping the group’s forthcoming new album ‘Music from Another Dimension’ will spawn several successful singles and is thrilled with the finished record.

He explained: ‘’Your album is like a wave, and you ride that album all the way and see what you got. Hopefully we have three or four singles deep, which means radio play. [Producer] Jack Douglas and I and Joe Perry… We worked this thing for the last year, and we’re so happy about it.’’

Steven believes the record is a good representation of the band as people – which is useful as he often doesn’t know who he is.

He said: ’’It’s the kind of thing where it represents who you are. Who are you? We don’t know. Sometimes our music speaks for us so this album – as Joe said on one of his solo records – ‘Let the music do the talking,’ and this one does.’’

The album, ‘Music from Another Dimension’, will be released in August, preceded by a single, ‘Legendary Child’.

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Friday, 25. May 2012