7 Unexpected Celebrity Friendships

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  • 1. Millie Bobby Brown and Kim Kardashian: This love-in kicked off on social-media when the Stranger Things actor came clean about her obessesion with all things Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The duo recently met up in a make-up studio and took a series of bomb selfies that will melt even your cold, dead heart. No offence.

  • 2. Meghan Markle and Millie Mackintosh: It’s the friendship literally nobody saw coming. The soon-to-be-royal became friends with the Made In Chelsea star in July 2016 – around the same time she fell head over heels for Prince Harry. The duo were even pictured at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, but the images have since been wiped from Meghan's social-media account.

  • 3. The Kardashians and Sacha Baron Cohen: For some reason, we just never thought the Kardashian-Jenner clan would have that much in common with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. More fool us, because Kim shared an image of the gang hanging out together with the caption: “This was the moment right before Sacha showed us the CRAZIEST scene from The Brothers Grimbsy We laughed so hard we cried!"

  • 4. Mariah Carey and Will Ferrell: We like to think these two bake red velvet cupcakes and comb adopted Bichon Frises together, although the reality of their friendship is probably quite different. The duo were spotted hanging out after her Las Vegas concert.

  • 5. Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe: These two have formed a lasting friendship after pencilling in regular booze sessions away from the paparazzi. “We don't get anything from each other other than just a night out,” Ed revealed of their bromance. “There is no boost in either of our careers from our association.”

  • 6. Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence has always been open about her obsession with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and seems to have something of a soft spot for matriarch Kris. Let’s not forget that time the actor somehow ended up naked in the 62-year-old's wardrobe. What a memory.

  • 7. Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley: Again, we have absolutely no idea how this friendship first came to be, but what we do know is that we’re 100% behind it. The duo hit the Oscars 2015 red-carpet looking like long-lost BFFs and if there’s one WhatsApp group we desperately want to be a part of, it’s theirs.

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    There’s nothing like a random celebrity friendship.

    For some reason, it’s hard to imagine certain celebrities meeting and actually vibing with each other.

    Whether that’s Millie Mackintosh being BFFs with Meghan Markle or Ed Sheeran enjoying a boozy night out with Russell Crowe; there’s nothing like a random celebrity friendship to pique our interest.

    Check out 7 unexpected celebrity friendships in the gallery above!

    Tuesday, 03. April 2018