Ana Matronic wishes she'd kissed Kylie for longer

Ana Matronic wishes she had ‘’slipped in the tongue’’ while kissing Kylie Minogue.
The Scissor Sisters singer and the Australian beauty embraced on stage at Glastonbury in 2010, and Ana regrets not making more of the opportunity after describing the experience as similar to smooching her own mother.
She said: ‘’It was the quickest kiss – I kissed her like I kiss my mum. It wasn’t like a snog. In retrospect, I wish I’d lingered a little longer or slipped in the tongue!‘’
The 37-year-old singer – who married long-term boyfriend Seth Kirby in April 2010 after seven years together – is keen to have children in the future, although she admits being ’’terrified’’ about starting a family.
When asked if she wants to have kids soon, she added: ‘’Yeah, definitely [but] the reality of it is terrifying. I love kids but I have things to do before then.’’
Since tying the knot to Seth, Ana has been enjoying the couple’s sex life much more than when they were simply boyfriend and girlfriend.
She added to LOOK magazine: ’’There’s a difference between married sex and boyfriend sex. It’s the difference between having sex with someone you like and someone you love. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this.’’

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Saturday, 19. May 2012